Moving Checklist

Week(s) Before

  • Confirm your move date with R&S and your solicitor
  • Organise packing materials from R&S and begin getting things boxed and prepared
  • Dispose of anything you don't want
  • Arrange for tradesmen to disconnect kitchen appliances, including washing machine
  • Organise for readings of your gas, electricity, telephone and water meters to be taken
  • Start running down your fridge/freezer
  • Clear the loft, sort out garage and garden shed. Drain any fuel from lawnmowers/motor cycles before transporting.
  • If appropriate, make arrangements for your children to be looked after
  • Organise transport for your pets
  • If you're moving in or out of a block of flats, arrange to have use of the manual override key or priority use of the lift
  • Advise R&S about parking restrictions at both addresses
  • Notify TV license, passport, car license and both addresses
  • Notify your banks, credit card and insurance company
  • Notify your doctor, dentist, optician and vet
  • Notify your telephone company and ISP
  • Notfiy all creditors, arrange to re-route any mail
  • Ensure R&S are booked and the date is confirmed

Day(s) Before

  • Defrost your fridge/freezer
  • Pack everything for your first night and morning in your new home, such as nighwear, towels, wash bag, change of clothing, breakfast foods and crockery/cutlery. Don't forget the kettle and toilet roll! A takeaway is probably the best option for your evening meal on moving day
  • Assemble a box of refreshments. Include sandwiches and snacks, tea and coffee, long-life milk and soft drinks
  • Prepare your plants for transit
  • Find and label keys for your purchaser, remove any fixtures you are taking
  • Pack valuables and important documents securely. You will probably wish to transport these yourself

Move Day

  • Have TV aerials or satellite dishes taken down if they are part of the move
  • Make sure that the meters have been read. Keep a note of the readings
  • Before the removal van departs, take a final look around the property and check you haven't forgotten anything. Responsibility is yours to see nothing is moved in error
  • Ensure you have left operating instructions for the central heats, etc...
  • Lock all doors and windows
  • Leave the keys for collection by the purchaser (or landlord), as arranged
  • Ensure the removal crew has directions to your new property and a phone number to contact you
  • Agree a time of arrival
  • Arrive at your new property, with the keys, before the removal van